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OnlineHost: Mark Hamill may be best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in one of the most popular and successful trilogies of all time: "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." Most recently, Hamill has been heard as the voice of the Joker in both the "Batman" animated television series and the theatrical animated feature "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm."

AOLiveMC14: Welcome back to AOL Mark Hamill!

MarkHamll: Thank you. Glad to be here.

AOLiveMC14: OK lets get right to the questions. Our first one is from BM0768:

Question: Hello Mr. Hamill, I really enjoyed all three movies in the "Star Wars Trilogy," and you were excellent in "Wing Commander" 3 and 4. My question, will you be cast in any future "Star Wars" Movies, or "Wing Commander' games?

MarkHamll: The next trilogy takes place 30 years prior to what you've seen, so I'm too old for the part. There has been discussion of a new Wing Commander, though nothing definite. George talked about me playing a role in the final installment of Star Wars, but I defy anyone to add an imaginary 20 years to their age and not be appalled, but you never know. We'll see what happens.

AOLiveMC14: Jedi997 asks:

Question: Mark, of all your movies *besides Star Wars*, what was your favorite to make and why? "Slipstream" was cool! Can you please say "Hi Beth!"? Thank you.

MarkHamll: A great big "Hi!" to Beth! It's hard to choose any one project because you love them in different ways, like children, but I'm glad you mentioned "SlipStream." Although not entirely successful, it's one of my favorite characterizations, and you can go rent it.

AOLiveMC14: Pachecod sends this question:

Question: What prompted you to move into the field of cartoons and comic books? Do you have difficulty finding acting jobs because of your role as Luke Skywalker?

MarkHamll: I found far more varied roles, character parts and so forth, on Broadway and off-Broadway. Animated voices seem to be an extension of that kind of character work. Coming up on the USA Network is "Wing Commander Academy" with Malcolm McDowell, Dana Delaney and Tom Wilson. I'm also in Jim Lee's "Gen 13." And listen for a wild voice on Bruce Willis' new cartoon "Bruno The Kid!" I always loved the funny papers, comic books, and animated cartoons, but to tell you the truth, I was trying to get a writing assignment on "Batman: The Animated Series," which led to my audition and my role as the Joker, and I've never looked back. I really love this kind of work. Typecasting means you play the same part over and over, and I think I've successfully avoided that.

AOLiveMC14: Ttefabob3 asks:

Question: Are you going to be Luke in the radio drama of "Return of the Jedi?"

MarkHamll: Scheduling prevented that.

AOLiveMC14: Legacy122 sends this:

Question: Are you still friends with the cast of "Star Wars?"

MarkHamll: Of course! I just haven't seen them recently. With a wife and three children, it's hard enough to find time for your own family!

AOLiveMC14: LaCoquett asks:

Question: What's the biggest difference between doing action films and CD ROM movies like "Wing Commander?"

MarkHamll: The obvious difference is the multiple story lines in an interactive movie. I liked that because it was such a unique experience, but actually, in terms of physically shooting it, there's not much difference.

AOLiveMC14: SilverAsh sends this in:

Question: Did any comic book inspire you as a kid to come up with your own, "The Black Pearl?"

MarkHamll: Not specifically. But cumulatively, all of them did. It's really about why the comic book sensibility does not and cannot work in real life. Thanks for mentioning "The Black Pearl," which will be in stores Wednesday September 18th.

AOLiveMC14: Guyver339 asks:

Question: Hello Mark you are my favorite actor, could you please tell me how they did Yoda?

MarkHamll: Yoda was an elaborate radio controlled (as well as manually manipulated) electronic puppet. I hate saying that because, to me, Yoda was real.

AOLiveMC14: GizmoJone sends this in:

Question: Mr. Hamill, I saw you in "Amadeus," and was blown away. Were you considered for the film version? What other stage work have you done? What do you think of the new ending Peter Shaffer wrote for the current production of "Amadeus" being performed at the Stratford Festival?

MarkHamll: The film was shot at the same time I was doing it on stage. Other stage work includes the title role in "The Elephant Man," "The Nerd," Gordon Miller in Alan Arkin's revival of "Room Service," and, my favorite, Tony Hart in "Harrigan 'N Hart," which got me a Drama Desk nomination as Best Actor in a Musical. I was unaware of the new ending to "Amadeus". I'd love to see it. Does Mozart win? :)

AOLiveMC14: TCN Bayle asks:

Question: I have 2 questions. Do you keep up with the "Star Wars" universe? Like do you read all the novels or play the computer games? And are there any plans for Wing Commander V?

MarkHamll: Wing Commander V has been spoken of with no firm offer. With the "Star Wars" universe, it seemed to me all or nothing, so after "Jedi," I just stopped. Luke wasn't mine, anymore. I've heard they've done a terrific job, though.

AOLiveMC14: Karep sends in this question:

Question: Did you find that the success of "Star Wars" damaged your career in some ways? Was it too successful? Are you unable to shake it? Or did you want it that way. Do you mind always being known as Luke Skywalker. Not like that's a bad thing. He's cool!

MarkHamll: It's a question I can't know the answer to; it's just the way it is. As long as you keep busy, as long as you strive to always challenge yourself with the support of a loving family, I don't think it makes much difference.

AOLiveMC14: Ttleahy asks:

Question: Mark- How do you feel with the new "Star Wars" craze and do you receive profits from the toys and movies?

MarkHamll: No, but I can't think of a craze I've ever disliked. I like anything that makes people happy. :)

AOLiveMC14: AFA Alice sends this in:

Question: How did you get involved with CD ROM games and how do you feel about them as an actor?

MarkHamll: Chris Roberts asked to meet me. When he explained the concept, I couldn't wait to get involved. We had so much fun making them, I'm not surprised they're fun to play. As for acting in them, any challenge is a good challenge. Your job as an actor doesn't really change despite the adjustments you have to make for the medium.

AOLiveMC14: MHArchive asks:

Question: Hi Mark, it's Suzanne, any time frame on when the "Black Pearl" may be translated into film?

MarkHamll: The sooner the better, if I have my way! We're now making adjustments in the screenplay to reflect what we learned writing the comic.

AOLiveMC14: TERP2141 asks:

Question: What was it like being an icon in the 70's and 80's?

MarkHamll: Again, you're using an outside point of view. "Icon" is something that I never really thought of. If anything, I think of Luke as the icon, not me.

AOLiveMC14: Elmurfudd sends in this question:

Question: How do you like working on "Batman, the Animated Series?" And who are some of the other stars in that series?

MarkHamll: I *LLLLOOOVVVEE* it! Joker is one of my favorite parts. Paul Williams is "Penguin." Richard Moll is "Two Face." Adrienne Barbeau is "Catwoman." Roddy McDowell is "Mad Hatter." John Glover is the "Riddler." Some of my favorite actors and actresses have been on the show, including Ed Asner, Andrea Martin, from SCTV, and others too numerous to mention.

AOLiveMC14: LaCoquett asks:

Question: What would be your "dream roll" in your acting future?

MarkHamll: As "director" behind the camera! :)

AOLiveMC14: MJDiem sends this in:

Question: I heard you have a son who is about the same age you were when cast as Luke, any chance he'll act in the prequel?

MarkHamll: He already has a job, and he's actually seven years younger than I was. He plays guitar in a rock and roll band, and he's very, very funny, but I know he doesn't want to be an actor :)

AOLiveMC14: BobaFettO sends this in:

Question: Are you happy with the way your character has been portrayed in the books and comic books?

MarkHamll: I don't know, since I haven't seen them. Part of the problem is I'm *selfish*. Those are other peoples' interpretations, not mine, so I had to give up Luke cold turkey. :)

AOLiveMC14: Aphilfan asks:

Question: I read an article once that in ROTJ during the final confrontation with Vader, you were acting in front of a blue screen and were reacting to words, is this true?

MarkHamll: This is a situation not uncommon in special effects movies. Sometimes the compliment was when the critic *didn't* mention that most of my scenes were with a puppet, you know what I mean? They accepted him as real, so I know we all did our job correctly.

AOLiveMC14: PaulB6705 asks:

Question: Mark, in the "Star Wars" films, who played "Chewbacca," the hairy creature?

MarkHamll: One of the sweetest souls, I've ever known, Peter Mayhew. I miss him.

AOLiveMC14: BOBA FE5T sends this in:

Question: Hey Mark, what show on Nick were you on?

MarkHamll: Is this a pop quiz? I think my "Partridge Family" ran there. My daughter ran in screaming "Dad! You were on TV when you were a little boy!" I was 18 at the time. :)

AOLiveMC14: Ttefabob3 asks:

Question: When you're not acting, what do you like to do in your spare time?

MarkHamll: Read, draw, anything with my kids......a man of simple pleasures. ;) AOLiveMC14: Xwing84 sends this in:

Question: I saw your name on the credits of "Full Throttle," what role did you play?

MarkHamll: Several, as I remember, the main one was "Rip Berger," the villain. I also played an Archie Bunker-type, and perhaps one other, in animation, you usually do up to three voices per project, as I do on "The Hulk" and "Bruno The Kid."

AOLiveMC14: Troioy10 asks:

Question: Is the new "Star Wars" a completely new trilogy or just a re-make of the original?

MarkHamll: The "Star Wars Saga" will eventually be nine movies consisting of three trilogies. Can't wait for the new one.

AOLiveMC14: Bossk 666 sends in this question:

Question: Mark, during the filming of the first "Star Wars" film, did you have any idea of how popular the trilogy would become?

MarkHamll: I thought it would be popular, I never expected a Darth Vader Electric Toothbrush, know what I mean? :)

AOLiveMC14: Zarahosl asks:

Question: Will you be writing more comics for "Dark Horse?" I'm looking forward to "The Black Pearl."

MarkHamll: It all depends on the success of "The Black Pearl." I wrote it with my cousin, Eric Johnson, actually today is his birthday! I have a birthday cake in the oven, even as we speak. "The Black Pearl" will be in stores next Wednesday, the 18th, and will continue through 5 issues, ending January 1997. If the public likes it, of course I'd love to do more.

AOLiveMC14: Gualter71 sends this in:

Question: How did you land the role of Luke? Did someone approach you?

MarkHamll: An audition and an eventual screen test, with Harrison, by the way. Nothing out of the ordinary, for such an extraordinary project.

AOLiveMC14: Znagic asks:

Question: Since some time has passed, what suggestions do you have for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the movies?

MarkHamll: Study, study, study, work, work, work. You'll know instinctively the right choices to make. Good luck, and don't forget me if you're ever in a position to cast me in a part. :)

AOLiveMC14: Kingwedge sends this in:

Question: Do you regret anything about your role as Luke Skywalker, as in something they did or didn't end up putting in the films?

MarkHamll: Of course, but that's just me. I never fully enjoyed watching myself for that very reason. There's always something you wish you could do over again.

AOLiveMC14: HFMoon asks:

Question: After hearing you as both the Joker and Adrian Ripthorn, I wonder how you like playing a villain?

MarkHamll: Villains are *so* much fun. Remember, they don't think of themselves as villains, and there's always so many...colors to play with. Actors enjoy being loved, but it can also be a lot of fun to be loathed!

AOLiveMC14: RDHornick asks:

Question: Reflecting on the SW trilogy, what was you favorite character other than Luke Skywalker and why?

MarkHamll: So many, for various reasons, but I did love C3PO. The incongruity of a cultured valet in rough and tumble space made me laugh. Tony Daniels is a very good actor, and was a good friend. I haven't seen him in ages. I remember there being so many different characters to love. From silly ones to sinister ones. It's hard to even remember them all.

AOLiveMC14: ChancNask sends this in:

Question: Good evening Mr. Hamill. At the end of "Star Wars," did you actually yell "Carrie!" in the scene at the end where you are coming out of the starfigher? Thank you. Oh, and if you have time, could you type in a charming comment about the New Republic?

MarkHamll: The yelling "Carrie" rumor, is wrong, was always wrong despite the fact that it was printed in a book of film bloopers. The entire scene was "looped", which meant post dubbing dialogue and sound effects later, so it would've had to have been a deliberate "in" joke, but it wasn't. The actual phrase said was "There she..." as in "There she is" as I was looking for the Princess in the crowd, and that's what I dubbed. Because the rumor was printed, people believe it, but I don't want to deny it too much, because that makes people believe it more. To think that I would momentarily forget the character's name and address them by the actor's name, and that *no one* in the hundreds of people on the set would notice, is a rumor that is ludicrous at best.

AOLiveMC14: Unfortunately we only have time for one last question.

AOLiveMC14: DuncanMc1 asks:

Question: Mark, I have heard a little about your project "Black Pearl," could you tell us more about it?

MarkHamll: We called "The Black Pearl" a "tabloid thriller". It's the story of a tabloid television show turning someone into an overnight media sensation. And he decides to extend his fifteen minutes of fame. It's about the tabloid-ization of our society. It's about obsessive love, and it's about why comic book sensibility doesn't translate into real life, why there can't be a "Batman," if you will. I love this project with a passion deeper than with any project since "Harrigan 'N Hart." Of course, I'd like it to be successful, but should it stumble, I'll love it nonetheless. I hope you'll give it a chance. I really enjoyed participating in Celebrity Circle! Thanks for the interest,

MarkHamll: I would like to mention that the day "The Black Pearl" arrives in the stores, Wednesday, Sept. 18th, I will be on Wizard AOL at 6pm EST. The fun part is that at that time I will be able to give away 20 copies of "The Black Pearl Number 1," signed by the author, to the twenty best questions, whatever *that* means. :) Hope to see you all then and bye for now, Love, Mark.

AOLiveMC14: Thanks to Mark Hamill for his time and great responses this evening! Thanks also to the audience for their great questions, good night all!

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