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WizardTGTC: Gotta tell you, Wizard Worlders. Hosting a room like this is...well...scary. Lot different than our Special Events Chat room. Yes indeedy. Thank you all for coming. Tonite we host a guest who brings out the geek in all of us! Welcome Mark.

Mark Hamill: Hello. Thank you for the interest. Let's have some questions. What's on your minds?

WizardTGTC: Okay. I'm Buddy Scalera and I'm your Wizard Chat Host. Let's rock!

WizardTGTC: Question: Mark: Tell us about your new comic from Dark Horse Comics: THE BLACK PEARL.

Mark Hamill: "The Black Pearl" is what we call a tabloid thriller. It uses conventional comic book imagery, but it's set in the real world, not a comic book world. It's the story of an unstable man elevated by a tabloid TV show to hero status. I'm thrilled with the way its turned out, and hope you get a chance to check it out.

WizardTGTC: Next question is from PTman2: Mark are you going to be in the next "Starwars?"

Mark Hamill: The next trilogy takes place 30 years prior to what you've seen. It has an all new cast except for the robots. I'll be in the audience this time.

WizardTGTC: Next Question is from MrBob221. Mark: Why have you decided to write comics?

Mark Hamill: "The Black Pearl" was originally written as a screenplay. It was Dark Horse that suggested it as a 5 part graphic novel, and I love a challenge.

WizardTGTC: Next Question is from LdyHarima: Do you read the "Star Wars" novels and what do you think about how Luke Skywalker has changed over the years?

Mark Hamill: I decided a long time ago that I would leave that behind for the time being, although I understand they have done an excellent job.

WizardTGTC: Wedge01 asks: Did you base "The Black Pearl"'s main character on any part of your own personality?? Like dealing with the media?

Mark Hamill: We're taught to write what we know, so of course my point of view and my life experience informs nearly everything in the story. Still it's more of a "sitting around the campfire, what if" story. It's not science fiction, it's not a fantasy. "The Black Pearl" COULD happen.

WizardTGTC: For those of you not familiar with "The Black Pearl" there is a preview of the series in Wizard World.

WizardTGTC: Just so y'all know. Mark is a HUGE comic collector. Just thought I'd throw that in.

WizardTGTC: Carey3333 asks: Hello Mark My name is Caroline I was wondering are you going to be in any movies soon?

Mark Hamill: Watch for "Time Expired" on Showtime with Richard Greico, and Cynthia Geary. She's the one from "Northern Exposure." I've done something called "Lazerhawk" with Jason James Richter from Free Willy. But mostly, I've been furiously busy doing animation voice overs. The Joker's has paid a lot of bills. :)

WizardTGTC: that what you were shooting in Canada? "Lazerhawk?"

Mark Hamill: Yes.

WizardTGTC: Cool.

WizardTGTC: GGW 4 PREZ (a Wizard World Regular) asks: Mark -How long have you had the idea of putting out a comic, and was "Black Pearl" the first idea?

Mark Hamill: "The Black Pearl" was chosen from a number of projects I have been developing. The comic book adaptation was something of a surprise. But Dark Horse understood the story, and what we wanted to do. We are lucky to be with them.

WizardTGTC: Dark Horse is good that way. Very good comic company.

WizardTGTC: SARC The (a true Hamill devotee) asks: Hello Mark. First off, let me say that I am a huge fan of "Star Wars," and you in particular. It's good to meet one of my idols. As for my question, I was wondering if you are doing any maniacal villain voices on upcoming cartoons?

Mark Hamill: I'm Gargoyle on "The Hulk" (UPN), Hobgobblin on "Spiderman" (Fox) There's a new animated "Wing Commander Academy" based on my CD projects with Malcom McDowell, Dana Delaney, and Tom Wilson, and I've saved one of my favorites for last! On the new Bruce Willis cartoon "Bruno the Kid," listen for Agent Harris, a demented cross between Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Lewis. Annoying but funny. It's coming this fall. I'm also the voice of Threshold in "Gen 13," a Direct -2-Video adaptation of the comic, also featuring the voice of Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers!

WizardTGTC: :::::whew:::::

WizardTGTC: Mark sounds busy. But I bet he'll remember to send me a birthday card next month. Oct 29. Mark that on your calendar.

WizardTGTC: CMSkyTrad asks: I've heard you are a big Beatles fan, has your celebrity status help you get anything special for your collection, or to meet any of the group?

Mark Hamill: I met Ringo and George, but I've never asked for, nor received and special momento from them. I bought a 25 or so piece set of Beatles memorabilia in 1970 for $112.00. It's about the only time I've been savvy, and realized the future collectability, but with 3 children, I have virtually stopped collecting toys, comics, boardgames. Your priorities just change, you know?

WizardTGTC: Mark you want me to send you something? They just keep sending me silly stuff like guitars.

WizardTGTC: Jedi997 asks: HI Mark! Happy birthday on the 25th! What has your career taught you and what advice would you want to pass on? Thanx.

Mark Hamill: A profound question. I wish I had an answer to match. Someone once told me work hard, do your best and it will happen for you. As simple as that sounds, I'm reminded of it 25 years after I first heard it, for what that's worth. In a nutshell, stay out of show business. You're probably talented, and will steal a job from me. :)

WizardTGTC: Hahahaha

WizardTGTC: Parallax2 asks a good (if confusingly worded) question: Hi, Mark, What made you create a character for a comic book to write?

Mark Hamill: It's ironic that "The Black Pearl" reaches it's first audience as a comic book. It was conceived as a film that commented on the fact that comic book conventions don't apply on REAL life. in It's an oddball choice, but it just might work. Give it a chance.

WizardTGTC: SAM MASTR asks: I read that your son didn't want to play "Wing Commander" anymore, because it's too much like real life having your father tell you what to do. Has he gotten over that? Will he play "Wing Commander" now?

Mark Hamill: That's funny!

WizardTGTC: Hey they ask 'em not me!

Mark Hamill: That comes from questions about what it must be like having a fantasy character for a father in the mundane "clean up your room, and get a haircut" world we all live in. Colonel Blair would never tell him to finish his homework. But I have to admit, he's better at the game then I am. If you're near a computer store, ask to play Wing Commander 4. It really is a compelling game!

WizardTGTC: CMSkyTrad asks: Can you tell us about your web page Mark? Suzanne, Sue, and Sally sent me! :)

Mark Hamill: My screenname, AOL is: SALLYMHIFC

WizardTGTC: .....and your email box will be full of fan mail by morning.

Mark Hamill: My internet address is:

Mark Hamill: As long as I am plugging things, I hope you'll come see me because I will be touring comic book stores including the comic book store I actually shop at. Hi De Ho in Santa Monica on Saturday, Sept 28th.

WizardTGTC: CMSkyTrad asks: Can you tell us more about your co-writer for "The Black Pearl," Eric Johnson? What gave you the confidence that he was the right man to help you write the stories?

Mark Hamill: Simple! His father and my mother are brother and sister. He's my first cousin. We grew up together. He has a degree in journalism from Berkeley, and we had planned for years to cowrite something. I came up with the concept and the premise, and when I pitched it to Eric, he immediately responded, and we decided that this would be our first project together.

WizardTGTC: WillTaske asks: Does your getting your comic book published mark a possible career change for you or at least a change in the emphasis of your work?

Mark Hamill: What I'm trying to do is follow the comic with a film version of "The Black Pearl," which I would like to direct. Although, when I wrote it, I thought I was writing a part for myself. I'm very excited about it!

WizardTGTC: So you have plans to bring "Black Pearl" to other mediums?

Mark Hamill: Hopefully, yes! Origins Systems, who did the "Wing Commander Series" have even pointed out the potential as a GAME!

WizardTGTC: Groovy.

Mark Hamill: I'm hoping the response to the comic is favorable enough to give us the momentum we need to get the movie made.

WizardTGTC: Buy the book everyone!

Mark Hamill: Buy 2. They make great stocking stuffers! :D

WizardTGTC: Kid Cosmic asks:

Question: Mark, looking forward to your DH Comic! A question: Why did you not do the voice of Luke Skywalker in the ROTJ radio drama?

Mark Hamill: There wasn't a day they had scheduled that I was free. Classic scheduling difficulties.

WizardTGTC: Resrv 58t asks: Have you ever considered writing teleplays or screenplays on a regular basis?

Mark Hamill: I have been doing so since I was last on Broadway in the late 80's. It's been frustrating at time, but "The Black Pearl" is a great encouragement.

WizardTGTC: Lord Rage asks: So Mark, how did you get involved in show business?

Mark Hamill: I was active in theater in school. I was seen in a local production by Michael Franks and the rest is trivial showbiz history. :)

WizardTGTC while attending college in Los Angeles (city college. 8 dollars in a pan and you're IN.) and agent saw me: Happened same way with me.

WizardTGTC: Parallax2 asks: What I've heard of "Black Pearl" is that its about a guy who is forced to become a hero cuz of the media. Will there also be a guy who'll be forced to become a villain cuz of the media?

Mark Hamill: LOL!

WizardTGTC: Hey it could happen!

Mark Hamill: We question to the very nature of heroics in this story. It's hard to explain. In fact the synopsis you just mentioned is someone else's take on the story. Facts are revealed in later issues that will change your opinion from issue #1. Hopefully, I can get everyone hooked from the getgo.

WizardTGTC: ImARSEFACE asks: Hey Mark I heard you on "The Poorman" show earlier this week, when are you gonna do Howard Stern's show again?

Mark Hamill: Whenever they ask me! This book is full of GOOD GIRL ART! So I know Howard would love it! I'll be in New York in a few weeks. I'll give them a call. But you never know.

WizardTGTC: Mark: any parting words for your many, many fans in Wizard World?

Mark Hamill: Your interest over the years has been an inspiration to me. And I thank you for that. Hopefully, we'll be together for years to come!

WizardTGTC: Yeah!

Mark Hamill: Good-bye and beware... The Black Pearl... He's OUT THERE!!!!!

WizardTGTC: So buy his book!

WizardTGTC: Just want to thank Mark Hamill for generously offering his time to speak with Wizard World fans. Special thanks to Lou Bank and Mike Winston at Dark Horse for their support.

Mark Hamill: Buddy, you're a champ! Thanks for your help!

WizardTGTC: Mark: Awwwwwww..... Also, let us not forget Mary Lou Hamill for her help as well! For Wizard World, I'm Buddy Scalera.

WizardTGTC: And this Wizard World Chat is TM & (C) Gareb Shamus Enterprises.

WizardTGTC: G'Nite! And Check out the Black Pearl Preview in Wizard World!

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