Mark Hamill Quotes

To all Mark fans-this page needs you! If there's a Mark quote, something particularly funny or clever you heard him say in an interview, that you'd like to share with other fans and see on this page,email me, and I'll add it to this page.

Mark quotes

-There can't be a Batman, even though we really want one. (about the Black Pearl), from Leah

-when Mark was on Politicly Incorrect some guy asked how much Luke Skywalker was getting out of the Special Edition,and he said, "Well....can ya lend me a couple bucks till Tuesday.", from Leah

-So I'd be talking to a yardstick going--why can't I be a Jedi?, from Gothic Skywalker

-He was talking to the set people or whatever you call them. They had some goofy ideas, too. "Let's dress up an alligator and put styrofoam horns on it and make it look like a monster." I said, "Yeah, you get in the water with it.", from Christine

-Rosie O'Donnel was showing him a Luke doll, a yellow-haired stud; "but this one doesn't look like you", she said. Mark said : You don't think so? Well, Chelsea, my daughter said 'Daddy, why did they give you yellow hair?', and I said 'cause they used all the brown pen on Harrison's, from Natalie

-They called Rob Reiner "Meathead", they called Penny Marshall "Laverne", they called Ron Howard "Opie". Yeah, I'm Luke and I'm proud of it. But that's just a part of me. I've got so much more I want to do. I want to be the guy who either gets the glory or the egg on his face. That challenge is the only thing left in this business that really excites me., from Becky, and Leslie

-ok, Geoge was looking unhappy during the garbage scene so Mark decides to cheer him up. The monster in the compactor was called a dianoga in the script. In what I mistakenly thought was a musical comedy I sang to George ( to the tune of "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" ), "Pardon me George, could this be dianoga poo-poo?" I thought it would really crack him up. Instead he just put his foot in the middle of my chest, extended his led, and kicked me back down in the water! from

-In the reader's letters section, in issue #3 of The Black Pearl, someone wrote that he was so impressed with it that he started dancing the Macarena around the house. Mark said Honest, Folks, this is a real letter! For those of you who suspect we wrote it ourselves ( with co-writer Eric Johnson ), we can assure you we would never dance the macarena under any circumstances. from Almudena

-"Just like Bob Hope on the road. Here we are, two men rapidly approaching middle age, acting silly, shooting monsters."

-Mark recalls being in the hospital after his accident,"There's a guy moaning next to me, and some intern says 'We're gonna take him next because he's in a worse shape than you are, and you're in pretty bad shape'. And he holds a mirror up to my face and it looks like a raspberry pie. My nose was off." from Ashley

-They said 'Can we see you two in the dressing room. They had said the same thing to me when they told me Vader was my father. I thought 'Now how are they going to surprise me? Are they making Chewbacca my mother?' Then they told us and we were like 'Ew!'. I was thinkin' 'So that's why they only let me have a peck on the check and wouldn't let me get more affectionate. If they made it too heavily, it'd be sorta gross."Mark on when they told him Leia was his sister. from

-At the premiere of the Star Wars special edition, he was asked by a newsmagazine reporter (I think the show was Entertainment Tonight) what he thought of the new special effects. He responded, "I don't know, I haven't seen them yet. I just hope they do something about my hairstyle." from

-I think he was interviewed by Howard Stern, and they were talking about his guy fans, and Howard goes, "It's almost like they're homo for you!" and Mark says"A fat lot of good that does me!!" from Laura